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Kettle Corn
Our number one seller. Sweet & Salty. Popcorn popped with sugar and lightly salted.

Olive Oil & Sea Salt
We call our #2 seller "The Guilt Free Popcorn"

Move Theater Butter
Remember those Sunday afternoons at the matinee?

Dill Pickle
A big favorite for its light zesty
flavor. Yep, it tastes like dill pickles!

Garlic Parmesan
The label says it all... "fuhgetaboutit"

BBQ Cheddar
Our BBQ is sweet n smokey. Yee Ha!

Bacon Horseradish
This cheddar is full of flavor and the horseradish is dialed back so your eyes won't water. Delish.

Blue Cheese & Honey
A great combo of flavors. Developed by Mrs. Pop while listening to an NPR cooking show.

Buffalo Blue
Wing sauce and cheese dusted with blue cheese. A little heat but totally addicting.

Buffalo Ranch
For those who prefer ranch on
their wings.

Cha Cha Cheddar
A kooky name for our basic orange cheddar, One of our top sellers. No spices, just cheese.

Our hottest popcorn. The smokey chipotle pepper creeps up on you and says, "Hey Baby. How you doin'?"

Chili Lime Con Queso
A little citrus on a lightly spiced cheese Popcorn, Not hot.

MidWest Munch
If you are from the Windy City, you know!...Caramel popcorn AND cheese popcorn. AMAZING

Honey Mustard
Fierce loyalty among the HM customers. We have people that buy it all when they see it.

This white cheddar is 1/2 as hot as our Cheddarpeno. It's meant to have a nice bite.

Lime Cilantro
Cilantro is a unique flavor. Used in salsa and Mexican dishes, we top this with a little lime zest to give it a punch.

Loaded Baked Potato
Buttered popcorn with sour cream, onion & bacon. It's a party.

Nacho Mama's Cheese Popcorn
You like Doritos? You'll love this.

Cheese Pizza
This one of those WOW moments. Yep, tastes like a pizza.

Our ranch popcorn is a favorite of The Big Popper. Made with Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. Zesty!

Salt 'N Vinegar Cheddar
One of our most popular flavors.
If you love the chips, you'll love this.

Sriracha Honey
We call this "sweet & heat". Asian hot sauce dusted with honey. Unique.

Wicked Good White Cheddar
One of our top 5 sellers. Hearty & creamy white cheese popcorn

Apple Pie Caramel
We season our caramel with cinnamon & nutmeg. Just, almost, like Grandma used to make.

Boon Island Caramel (Trad. Unsalted)
This is our regular caramel popcorn. The fancy name is inspired by the Boon Island Lighthouse, just off our coast.

Boon Island Caramel with Almonds
Same with giant, crunchy roasted almonds.

Boon Island Caramel with Peanuts
We use huge Virginia peanuts.

Chi-Town Bliss
Orange cheddar popcorn made into sweet caramel. Unique and popular with folks from the midwest.

Kettle Caramel (Trad. Salted)
Caramel in the style of Kettle Corn, meaning slightly salted. In 2016 it became our 3rd most popular.

Maple Bacon
The "breakfast popcorn of champions" Real cooked bacon & caramel popcorn with a sublime maple butter flavor. Heaven.

Maple Butter
One of our most popular caramels. Everyone who come to New England must try our maple caramel.

Nutella Caramel
We coat this caramel with gobs of this chocolate hazelnut spread in the cooking process. You'll love the results.

OINK (Bacon Caramel)
Cooked bacon goes in while cooking. The bacon becomes
candied and lends a sweet & smokey flavor. It tends to result in a more chewy caramel.

Peanut Butter Caramel
Caramel with a nice peanutty flavor. It's not gooey. It's crunchy.

Sugar Cookie Caramel

Sweet Cheeses
This time we take our regular caramel and roll it in Cabot Vermont white cheddar cheese - rich & delicious

Cashew Turtle
Caramel popcorn covered in milk chocolate and whole roasted cashews.

Cinnamon Roll
Our regular caramel seasoned with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with white chocolate.

Dark Drizzled Kettle Corn
Kettle Corn & dark chocolate

Kettle Corn drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkled with mini M&Ms.

Nubble Light (& Dark)
Kettle Corn drizzled with both white & dark chocolate. Named after the famous Nubble Lighthouse

Kettle Corn bathed in white chocolate and Oreo cookies. A stunner!

Peanut Butter Cup
Our tasty PB Caramel with dark chocolate & Reece's peanut butter chips.

Toffee Crunch Our salted caramel with milk chocolate and toffee brickle. A favorite.
Candy Popcorn
several flavors of crunchy, colorful, sweet candy popcorn